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Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Giant Leap

There comes a point - well, truthfully, it happens several times along the journey - where you experience a quantum leap.  Something shifts, something changes and nothing is the same ever again.

I believe I have experienced one of those moments.  Whether it is just a crack in the damn or the opening of the floodgates, only time will tell.

I cantered Cricket bareback.

Each word of that statement is so significant.  It is almost magical just to consider the impact of what happened.

For the past several sessions, I've ridden Cricket bareback.  It started with a quick ride right before camp.  I just wanted to put my leg over a horse.  I slapped the bareback pad on Cricket and we had one of the best rides ever.  Since then, I've just been riding the wave, so to speak.  Taking it while it's good and enjoying each moment.

Yesterday I met Becky out at the barn.  We groomed the girls, played a little and then hopped on bareback.  Before I even got on, I had a feeling.  Just a little inkling that maybe, just maybe.

Cricket was a little forward and a little snarky and I decided that now wasn't the time.  No worries.  And then it just sort of happened.

Circling a barrel at the end of the arena, she stepped up into the canter for a few strides.  The next time around, I opened the door for her to canter.  Just a few strides.  And then, as we came around the circle (which was rather tight), I just straightened her out and we went about five strides across the arena.

Just like that.

And things will never be the same again.


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steveandtania said...

Wonderful to hear! Well done to you and Cricket, a great achievement!

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Petra Christensen
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Mary H. said...

What a big step.