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Monday, December 6, 2010

WOW! What a Weekend!

Video from the very tail end of my session with Cricket on Saturday.

By Sunday, we were cantering from the walk with just a smooch.

I almost hate how much I love my new saddle.


Lisa said...

Clare wrote:
Wow, Lisa. You look really "pleasing to the eye" and secure. Can a saddle really make that much of a difference? (If so, I'd better start saving now, 'cause it will take years!)

I loved Cricket's big spook.
Mary H. wrote:
Really glad to hear that you are loving your new saddle so much.

That's one thing that I've discovered too--the right saddle can make ALL the difference!



Sorry, dear friends, I inadvertently deleted your comments rather than publishing them.

Lisa said...

Clare - the right saddle can make ALL the difference in the world. And it's not just about fit for the horse. It's also fit for the human.

One of my favorite aspects of the 2 week course I took in 2005 was the day we educated our butts. All 60 students brought out their saddles and we just walked around, sitting in saddles.

My RP fits Cricket and it fits me. I love that saddle and I love riding in it. But I "feel" more secure in a western saddle and right now, I need that security. So the Parelli saddle is allowing me to trust more and that's giving my horse increased freedom to move out.

Tina said...

I totally agree that the saddle (or in my case the stirrups!) can make all the difference in the world. I still haven't found my perfect saddle, but I'm getting closer.

Lisa, congrats on the cantering! It looked great. She's really lovely - we can canter fine, but it's not nearly that pretty! I guess that's what I get for riding a draft horse. *sigh* We'll get there, though! I'm so happy for you you're loving the saddle and that it is giving you what you need. You'll have that green string in no time!

Lisa said...

Thanks, Tina. Cricket is such a fine little mare.

I find it intriguing how much Cricket wants to canter under saddle and how little she wants to canter in ground work.

My hope is to get in enough riding time so that I can tape my audition in Jan/Feb. I need to start going through the L3 Freestyle self-assessment, looking at where we are on the tasks.

Parelli Central said...

Looks lovely, Lisa! During the last Parelli saddle fitting clinic we tried several non Parelli saddles on our own backs, oh my, what an eye opener that was... And yes, the right saddle WILL make all the difference :-) It sure did it for me and my horses!!!!

Petra Christensen
Parelli 2Star Junior Instructor
Parelli Central

Lisa said...

Petra ~ my challenge now is to learn how to ride the canter. I felt more at ease the next day and we were getting better departs, better maintain gait and better downward transitions. If it's warm enough this weekend, my goal is to attempt some passenger lesson (gasp!) so I can just gain some confidence.

Terri said...

I also love my Natural Performer saddle! It has made all the difference to me and my horses, Charlie, and Delilah. I look forward to having the Dressage saddle!

Terri Hughes