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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I am just not in the mood for anything lately. I just don't want to do anything.

I made the commitment to play with Cricket every day beginning on New Year's day. The cold weather derailed that plan and I've had a difficult time getting back on track. This is due, in part, to Cricket's lack of shoes and her need for chiropractic adjustment. The farrier comes next week and then I'll schedule Dr. Jim. Then maybe we'll get back on track, full steam.

I am playing with her. Just nothing terribly exciting.

Sunday I came out to the barn much later than I had anticipated. My intention was to ride but it didn't happen. I started Cricket's warm up at liberty and she was just fantastic - soft, forward, responsive, etc. I had Ed, barn owner, grab the video camera and we taped an impromptu liberty audition. Some of it was better before the camera started rolling but I really don't care. This is some of the best liberty Cricket has offered in months.

Let me know what you think:

Monday we played at liberty in the big field across from the barn. She ran away twice but came back quite easily. After that, I played "herd games" - asking her to come with me, yield her shoulder so I could move through, etc. I got some great connection from her and I stopped on a good note.

Last night it was just a little on-line play and then some bareback riding. She was doing good with follow my focus but got snarky when I asked for walk-trot transitions. I jumped off her and sent her sideways around the entire ring. This is something Kelly Sigler taught me. It's not about getting mean or mad but rather helping your horse figure out that s/he doesn't want you getting off. Cricket has some old ingrained habits about intimidating me when I'm on her. Sometimes it's easier to give her what she wants (me off) and help her realize that wasn't the best idea. Once I got back on, she was better but I kept things low key just in case she was a little uncomfortable. We are working on yielding the forehand and hindquarters without rein support and building to true freestyle sideways. I need to practice this with a saddle and two sticks but we're doing okay bareback with one stick.

So that's all for now . . .we shall see what the Parelli office thinks of the video and we will hope to get back on track once shoes and alignment are back in place.

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Naturally Gaited said...

Great job! I especially enjoyed your figure-8 and sideways both directions. You gave me some great ideas for things to try with Guinness, plus a glimpse at what's ahead for us. Please let us know how PNH rates your video. Best wishes! :-)