Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. ~ Thomas Merton

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Odds and Ends

Time just keeps slipping away from me.  Work remains busy but it seems to be tapering off.  My partner in pricing has returned, though not full strength.

Of course now that work is slowing down, everything else is ramping up.

This coming weekend I'm taking a chic-trip to Lexington to soak in the atmosphere of the World Equestrian Games.  We aren't going to see any of the competition, at least not really.  Sunday the Endurance ride will cover the whole park and our tickets include that but what we're really there for is . . . the shopping.

Since my Centered Riding lesson earlier this month, I've done nothing with Bleu.  After I come back from the WEG I'm going to get more time with her.  When things are rushed I just default to my Cricket.  Not for any other reason than I know her.

And not that Bleu is missing out on anything - I think I've played with Cricket twice since my last blog post.  Our constant Achilles heel is CS riding and I'm going to make a better attempt to help her understand what I want and why I carry the stick.  The other night I did tons of friendly - just rubbing her with the stick while she walked around.  Then I used leg and rein and a light stick and she seemed more accepting (i.e. she didn't reach around and BITE the stick).  I think this is going to be our program for the times that I do ride.

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