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Sunday, July 26, 2009

It's Done!

I taped my L3 online audition. I planned it for a week, practiced the elements and on Friday I did the audition in one take. I was so pleased with how relaxed I felt, Cricket was tuned-in and responsive and how everything just flowed.

The choreography and the obstacle course worked perfectly. I hit all the compulsories and used all the required obstacles. The only thing that might hold us back is not enough circle game and not enough transitions.

I discovered a rope burn abrasion on Cricket's left hind pastern. That may have contributed to her unwillingness to pick up and sustain a right lead canter. Really, I don't care. If I have to do it again to receive a L3 pass, I'm okay with that (I think).

I'm sending my paperwork and the YouTube link to the Parelli office on Monday morning. I'll post the results as soon as I receive them.

So here is the video:


Tina said...

Good luck Lisa! Your lead by the tail and sideways towards was lovely, and the trailer load was great, too! We'll all be impatiently waiting with you!

Lisa said...

Thanks! I actually had fun with it. I submitted the audition yesterday morning. We'll just have to see what they think of it.