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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Results Are In . . .

I received the results of my on-line audition. My overall result is a 2++. I had several elements scored at a 3, some at 3+ and my Friendly Game was scored at 4. The biggest problem with the audition was the circle game, or more accurately lack of circle game. I knew this was the weakest segment of the tape but decided to submit it anyway. In the comments, the assessor said:

You have a great relationship and a willing partner. I would like to see you assertiveness come up and you not having to use more than one send for the circling game, in order for you to be level 3. Also, using more of your rope and finding neutral in the circling game will be essential.

The funny thing is that normally Cricket has an awesome circle game, especially considering she's a LBI. She will trot or canter 10+ laps without dropping gait or trying to come in. She has the most beautiful trotting circle game - longitudinal flexion and arced on the circle.

With the exception of the circling game, all my games rated level 3 or better. And my circle game came in at 2++.

Funniest mark on the whole scorecard: Obedience rated 3! HA! That cracks me up! My greatest struggle with Cricket is fostering obedience. She is usually so full of her own ideas and so sure of herself, it's hard to get her to agree to my plans.

I'm trying very hard to not feel like a failure. Afterall, it's not a test. It's an assessment. And it's not a true assessment - it's an evaluation of 10 minutes in time. Some elements of my audition were better than Cricket's ever done. Some elements were definately not representative of her best.

In the spirit of good, better, best I'm going to take my little black rain cloud and move it aside so I can see the rainbow. I've asked the assessor to clarify what makes something 2++ and what tips it over to 3. I hope to get some more insight into what they want to see.


Tina said...

Congrats! Level 2++ is still awesome. I'll be waiting to hear about the L2 vs. L3 question. I submitted my online while they were still free and didn't get any feedback or any idea of how I did in which areas, which really was a bummer. I asked and they said that they weren't doing that for the free ones. If I'd have known that maybe I'd've waited. Oh well, next time!

Lisa said...

Thanks! I received some good comments and some very confusing ones. It's a bit of an awkward situation right now. I'm still happy with my audition, thought.