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Friday, August 14, 2009


So I just happened to look over at my very cute countdown widget and realized I only have SEVEN WEEKS until my camp with Carol Coppinger. AAUUGGHH!!!!!

I am so not ready.

Every year I leave camp excited and motivated, with a plan to ride my horse three hours a week.

Every year I come back to camp and the echo through orientation is "well, I haven't done much since last year."

I feel particularly unready this year. Back problems over the past several months have really put a damper on my riding enthusiasm. And I hate that the times I actually cannot ride are the times I want most to throw a leg over my girl. I'm beginning to feel better so maybe we can get a little riding in to at least knock the rust off the gears, so to speak.

There is, of course, my master fall back plan. The inverse law of horse camp. The cleanliness of the horse and tack is inversely proportionate to the amount of time spent riding said horse, using said tack. So a day or two of intense saddle cleaning, running my ropes through the wash and giving Cricket a good head-to-toe scrub should be sufficient to let folks know I don't ride!

There's always next year to be ready for camp!

* Author's Note: The one thing I know about camp with Carol Coppinger is that it's not about "being ready." I am where I am and Carol is a master instructor so she knows how to work with students at every level. Besides, I think of it as job security for the PNH instructors. Heck, if we all took homestudy seriously, they would be out of a job! :o)

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