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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away!

I know I should be grateful for the rain. We've had drought conditions for the past several years and I think we're finally breaking even this year. But this is seriously getting in the way of my plans! And since everything is about me . . . Hey, I didn't get the title "Center of the Universe Barbie" because I'm altruistic! Two weeks from tomorrow I leave for camp. The constant downpour is hampering my efforts to get everything ready.

The logistics of going to camp has become half the fun. All of Cricket's gear gets a thorough cleaning - saddle and girth, bridles, bits, pads, bareback pad and girth, ropes and halters. I go through all my grooming stuff and combine half empty bottles, get rid of stuff I'm not using or don't like, clean all her brushes and take stock of what is running low. Cricket gets a bath. Since this is usually the last of the season, she gets a good scrubbing in a tea tree oil shampoo which is followed up by her regular shampoo. Since I like to be prepared, we pull together a basic first aid kit with enough to handle most minor incidents. Getting her feed together is an event unto itself - timothy pellets, alfalfa pellets, supplements, probiotic and electrolytes. The only thing of mine that gets cleaned is my riding boots. And that often doesn't happen until the car ride up there!

Once everything is cleaned, the list-making begins. What do I need for Cricket? What do I need for me? Do we have all our tools for groundwork? What about riding? What do I need in the trailer? Do I have all her feed? Hay? Breeches or jeans (the never ending dilemma)? Did I forget anything? Is it minor enough that I can get it at Target?

I'm getting excited just thinking about it! I love my Parelli camps. I've been going to four day camps at Carol Coppinger's farm since 2005 and I never get tired of it!

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