Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony. ~ Thomas Merton

Friday, January 14, 2011

There's Snow Pony Like My Pony

I did it.  I rode my horse in the snow.

I managed to leave work a little early today and arrived at the barn with little time to spare before sunset.  I brought out my saddle and hackamore and headed to get Cricket.

I pulled her out, stripped her blanket off and threw the saddle on.  Get to, got to.  I cleaned out her feet and put on Bleu's Renegade hoof boots.  I mounted up from the back of my truck and off we went.

And we had a blast!  Cricket was really forward in her walk.  She was interested in what was around.  A few times she hit a bit of a threshold and we either waited, retreated or just went somewhere else.

I know pulling her out and saddling her was a bit rude.  I didn't ask permission, I didn't play with her beforehand and I didn't do much but allow her to breathe between cinchings.  But I've had this mare for over seven years and I've ridden every mood and attitude she has to offer.  The fact that she stood at her door asking for my attention was enough to know that we would be fine.

Sometimes we all need a little get to, got to.  Sometimes we just need to say, "here's what we're doing, I know you're ready and we'll be fine."  Sometimes we just have to get on and ride.


PeterC said...

That's very true, sometimes being a leader for your horse is doing and not being hesitant!

Lisa said...

For Cricket, it's a fine line between being a leader and being so direct line that I miss her feedback. I'm striking the balance more often than not, lately. That in and of itself is progress.