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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two In A Row

Got in another ride tonight.

When I arrived at the barn, Ed was measuring out hay and we chatted through my brief warm-up.  My goal is to do just enough on-line to get Cricket mentally connected and offering to do things.  Ed needed to go in but he promised to come back out.

I decided to do all the feed prep while waiting for Ed to return.  I removed Cricket's halter (she still had her bareback pad on) and set her up in the aisle with a bucket of hay.

All I have to say is that feed time with a LBI on the loose takes far longer than normal.  In truth, she was very good.  She strayed to the hay bales a few times and I just put her back on her bucket.  She tried to visit me a few times and I backed her back to her bucket.  She wandered over to investigate things and pester Bleu and I just left her alone.

She became a little emotional when I started feeding the other horses.  I don't blame her.  But she handled it well and was very willing to come back with me and go into the arena.  Once I got ready to get on her, she was just fine.

We continued our FTR and mixed in some turns and Figure 8.  Ed was in the arena with me and that created some draw and distraction.  I played just a little bit with 2 sticks but the lack of "control" brought up just enough fear that I decided to save that for when we are in a saddle.  I started playing with some sideways and Cricket was offering some lovely turns on the HQ.  We struggled with sideways to the right and when she softened and offered some flowing steps, I called it a win and dismounted.

Overall, I'm very pleased.  She was a little resistant but I don't think there was much biting at the stick at all.  With time, I think that will just fade away.  I really feel that her negative reactions are a little bit of baggage from my ineptitude and a whole lot of resistance to my leadership.


Tina said...

YAY! And in the bareback pad, no less!

Lisa said...

When I really want to respect Cricket's thresholds, I ride in a bb pad. I'm less likely to "make" her do anything because she's likely to dump me.

Our first rides have been more about friendly game and "this isn't going away so deal with it" than anything else.