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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cookies, Cricket and Connection

I haven't actually taken much time to do anything with either horse.  I wish I could blame the weather but we've had some pop-up thunderstorms that have made it almost down-right pleasant in the evenings.

After my less than stellar ride on Sunday, I've been focused mainly on connection with Cricket.  For whatever reason, she sees no point in making any effort whatsoever to come to me.  For any reason.

I'm just a smidge jealous of anyone who's horse comes to them with enthusiasm.  Any romantic visions of my horse galloping from lush fields just to be near me has been summarily shattered and I believe Cricket is rolling in the ashes of that pipe dream.  Oh well, not taking it personally.  That is going to change.

Yesterday, Allison and I were out amongst the horses checking on Dillon's leg.  With the exception of one, all the horses were milling at the entrance to the runs.  Three guesses who wasn't there.

I called to her once or twice but apparently it is true that grass makes a horse deaf.  No worries, I gave cookies to Bleu and loved on her a little.  It must have finally dawned on Cricket that free access to grass does not trump fleeting access to cookies.  She came right to me, was very respectful of Bleu and I proceeded to give both horses cookies.

With my last cookie, I asked Cricket for a circle (no halter, no stick - not a thing with which to back up my request.  She complied and when I asked for the trot, she was pretty responsive and gave me a soft trot.  I disengaged her, gave her the cookie and a scratch and walked off.  She followed me all the way back to the barn.

Hmm, how interesting.  What part of that caused her to want to follow me?

Oh, a note about Bleu . . . Monday Dillon got momentarily hung in the fence (that's what happens when a stoopid gelding rolls right next to the fence line).  He panicked, the fence snapped and all the horses went a little squirrely.  In the midst of Dillon running/limping around with an "I meant to do that" head twirl, my sweet Bleu ran right up to me.  Oh that was precious.


Naturally Gaited said...

Sounds very promising with both horses.

PeterC said...

Well, sounds like you piqued her interest perhaps? Cookies are a start, I assume she is LBI/e? But it was probably provocative to be asked to do one thing, get cookies, and then for you to walk away! How dare you when she was having fun getting her cookie dispenser to work! :)

Personally, I'm trying to get used to the idea of motivating LBs as it is opposite my personality. I've resigned myself to being loved for my carrots but then again, a leader does what one must including fighting off annoying geldings.

Good stuff!

inchwormwv said...

Not taking it personally. Yeah, I know that... LOL :-)