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Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Too Darn Hot

Excuse me, but holy crap it's hot!  I know this should come as no surprise.  After all it's mid-July and I live in the South.

I swear this is the only place on the planet where you can actually have 100% humidity.  Every where else they call that rain.  Not here.

It hits you like a brick wall the moment you step out the front door.  It's almost suffocating.  And it totally negates any chance for outdoor activity.

The poor ponies are miserable, especially Cricket.  Bleu seems to be tolerating it better as I don't see her puddled in sweat.  The parts of Cricket not covered in fresh sweat are sticky and slightly matted from dried sweat.  My poor baby.

So it sort of goes without saying that we aren't doing much.

I had the farrier (Natural Balance) out on Wednesday and talked to him about keeping both horses barefoot.  I'm not sure how Cricket will tolerate this.  It will be our third (or fourth or whatever) attempt at barefoot.  Bleu will go in shoes the next go 'round in preparation for my fall camp at Carol Coppinger's place in Mt. Juliet.

Until we get a cool spell (i.e. under 95 degrees, less than 95% humidity), I'm reduced to treating Cricket's itchies and spraying the tiny separation in Bleu's feet.  Wow, we're rockin' and rollin' now!


Naturally Gaited said...

Yeah, you may not be getting tons done with the horses right now - but your BLOG looks sooo good! ;-)

Lisa said...

You like it? I thought it was time I made it more personal. I still plan on tweaking it some but it's a start.

Lauren said...

LOVE your new blog look! TOTALLY understand the challenge of the heat - I'm in Texas and it's miserable! The horses just sweat standing there!

WOuld like to hear more about putting shoes on your barefoot for your upcoming clinic. Are you willing to talk off-line about it?

Keep up the great work! Lauren

Lisa said...

Lauren - any questions you want to ask, feel free. My email address is ljschultz @ rocketmail . com (remove spaces)

~ Lisa